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Rehan Herbal Laboratory

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines is a vast science of medicine and a time-tested system of healthcare and wellness based on the huge experience practiced widely in the world. The core philosophy of Rehan Herbal Medicines is based on Unani Tibb and Ayurvedic Medicine more often called as Alternative Medicine. Herbal medicine system or herbalism is holistic in nature. Its constituents create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit through this maintained balance chronic diseases could be cured naturally. According to this philosophy when this balance is disrupted, it makes us vulnerable to diseases such as, asthma, digestive problems, cardiac and mental disorders, urinal tract infections, arthritis and many sexual diseases like impotence, failure to have hard erections, Premature Ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido. For males having problems in their penis use these medicines with confidence for the treatment of low sex drive, weak erections and gain self esteem in their intimate sexual relations when they achieve Penis Enlargement up to 2" to 3" inches with no side effects at all. Physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances may happen because of our lifestyle choices about diet intake, exercising habits, profession, and relationships to develop chronic diseases. Herbal Medicines or Herbal remedies also termed as Natural Cures may contain dozens of useful ingredients that help prevent and cure ailments specially sex oriented. Our expert herbalists firmly believe that all the elements are in fine ratio while in a plant. It's vital to keep carefully selected natural cure ingredients combined. To expedite treatment and healing process Rehan Herbal Medicine are made more powerful by adding purest herbs and natural herbal extracts to make Herbal products giving best results for the treatment of various sex diseases. Treat Sexual Disorders Through Herbal Remedies Herbal Remedies efficacy in treating sexual disorders remains unparalleled. Rehan Herbal Medicines permanently and effectively heals up every sexual ailments, even infertility in men and sterility in women. Herbalism is also said to be useful in enhancing immunity in AIDS patients. More than 4 billion people on earth are estimated to use a form of herbal medicine in their health care life cycle says World Health Organization.

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Hub-e-kastori is a herbal sex tonic for super improved sexual performance, man sex power treatment, small penis, premature ejaculation, impotency, inability to maintain erection, incomplete erection, diminished sexual drive.

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Mughalliz Khaas

Is a tested herbal medicine for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigor to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

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Shahi Tilla

Absolutely the fastest, easiest, safest and most economical way to increase your penis size. Strong erection that will satisfy your lover never before.