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Quick Overview

Fagonia Cretica is amazing rare herbs, the extract as very strong results to fight against breast cancer and complications. Absolutely no side effects at all.A Super Active Natural Herbal Medicine to cure Breast Cancer with Proven Results.


A traditional Fagonia Cretica herbal tea holds the key in fighting breast cancer, claim scientists. Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor.Extracts from the plant known as virgin’s mantle or Fagonia Cretica, which is used as a medicinal tea in some countries, can kill cancerous cells in the test tube. Fagonia Cretica contains potent anti-cancer agents that act singly or in combination against the proliferation of cancer cells.

Sophisticated Microbiological tests have shown that Fagonia Cretica arrested the growth of cells within five hours of application and caused them to die within 24 hours.

The plant, which has the botanical name Fagonia cretica, is found in arid, desert regions of Pakistan, India, Africa and parts of Europe.

100% Natural & Safe - No side effects

The use of herbal medicine Fagonia Cretica has no side-effect at all.

Does not affects normal and health breast cells, no hair loss, no reduced blood count or resulting diarrhea.

The water extracted from Fagonia Cretica by Rehan Herbal Labs has sheer and majestic working methodology which not only fights against .tumor growth but also corrects abnormal behavior of damaged cells. An impaired DNA response not only allows the cancer to flourish, it also resists the way chemotherapy works which reduces its effectiveness.

Breast cancer is actually a cancerous tumour that starts off within the debris within the breast area. A cancerous tumor is the gang of  cancer tissues, which can harm the encircling regions or extended to
near by spots in your body. In general ladies are more vulnerable to breast cancer in comparison with men. Breast cancer is definitely the crucial health problem in females and present in one in every 8 women.
You will find chemotherapy effects which include feeling sick, vomiting, low quantity of red blood cells, jaws souring, thin hair, poor appetite, hemorrhage and a lot crucial early menopausal.